The forth generation

Lothar von Faber

As the eldest son, Lothar von Faber takes over the pencil factory from his father Georg Leonhard. Under his management, the factory develops into company with international standing. Due to his economic success and progressive social contributions, Lothar joins the ranks of the nobility in 1862.

Three brothers - three successful pencil manufacturers

Ottilie von Faber with her son Wilhelm

Lothar von Faber marries Ottilie Richter in 1847 - she supports him while he manages the company. Their son Wilhelm is born in 1851 and remains their only child. The hopes of the family patriarch rest on him.

Further generations

The fifth Generation
Wilhelm von Faber (1851-1893)
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The sixth generation
Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander von Faber-Castell (1866-1928)
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The seventh generation
Count Roland von Faber-Castell (1905-1978)
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